Our mission

To empower female designers, led by women and built by women. And that is why we only work with female designers or companies that have a majority of female employees in all levels of operations. 

We offer beautiful fashion forward pieces from global designers that are brought together under one roof with the aim of making fashion fun - whilst still upholding values of female empowerment, sustainability, fair trade, and eco-consciousness.

We are a female led, female operated business that has a continued mission to focus on the development and mentorship of women in this industry.


Our Sustainability Metrics


All our designers and brands must meet a  certain number of our metrics to gauge their commitment to our sustainability mission. Our measurements include 

  • The use of recycled or eco-conscious materials in the majority of their product with transparent mandates and timelines to improve their current offering.
  • Fair trade transparency that clearly allows for us to gauge the work environment of all levels of their supply chain.
  • Preservation of cultural heritage when applicable
  • The ethos of preorder within their business to consumer model that allows for overall waste management
  • The understanding that MOQ are determined by supply and demand and that our goal is to grow brands organically. 
  • The understanding that we will preserve their brands integrity by reselling their products at clearly identified mark ups and that the overuse of sales and discounts does not exist in our business model.
  • Working on exclusivity within most of our brands to ensure that over saturation and thus wastage is avoided at all costs

About Us

We curate distinctive pieces from brands across the world, committed to sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, whilst ensuring that the Quinn Hop woman not only looks good, but feels great wearing our clothes.